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Science and technology have improved through the past years and centuries. This has been the work of great philosophers and some of the best and brightest minds in the world. Research in different fields has brought a lot of changes in the world. The technology and cool gadgets we use around us have been the result of thousands of research done in the past or being done just as you read this. Robotics is one such field where you learn about how to make autonomous or controlled bots that can perform a lot of jobs. Let us know about them in a little more detail.

Robotics – What is It?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary subset of engineering and science. It involves a little of the essence of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and even computer sciences among others. Robotics dictates the construction of bots that can perform various jobs. It starts with an efficient design, followed by construction and successful operation of the process. Various resources and fields of study can be involved in the building of the bot depending upon the design that is to be created.

The basic principle of robotics is to design robots that can replace human occupation and make life easier and comfortable. It is also meant to be used in places difficult or dangerous to be accessed by man. Though a robot generally creates the image of a humanoid in our mind, it can be of varying shapes and forms depending on the task at hand. The technologies in making robots are being sophisticated over the years making them more human like in appearance and in their intelligence. Most of them are made to replicate the jobs performed by human beings.

Evolution of Robotics through Time

Before long, robotics had just been an idea, which had never been realized before. It is true that mankind had long made designs and the architecture of machines that would have the power to do something on their own without human intervention. Even a decade ago, robotics was not as developed as it is today. Nowadays, there are powerful sensors and other methods of input that help the robots to get proper input as data and process them for proper functioning. Thus today’s robots are far more sophisticated than they have been a decade or even a year back. New technologies are being added to the arsenal every day and better robots are being made.


Robotics – Where does it stand now?

As already mentioned, today’s robots are getting a lot of jobs done, things that had never seemed to be possible before. Today we use terms like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and these technologies are actually being integrated into the robots. Thus robots today are not just cool pieces of architecture. Every innovation and algorithm that is being developed can and is being used to make better robots today. Thus not only are they better equipped to understand the environment, they are also better equipped to process that information and act accordingly. Thus today we stand in an age where we can only move forward. Nowadays, there are many robot kits available in the market. For example, mBot Ranger is a robot kit based on STEM Education. It helps children understand the basics of robotics while having fun. And it’s a good idea to make children understand tomorrow’s technology today. Robots today are way smarter than before and they are going to be better.

Robotics make the life easier by doing certain tasks repeatdly with minimum error and Aeronautics make the life easier, simpler and faster with the modern science and latest technology.

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